Image © Paul Johnson -

Image © Paul Johnson –

Gyroplane Displays for Airshows, Weddings and Special Events

The Display has been formulated to be Fun, Exciting, Exhilarating and a safe routine, something Different in the Air.

The essence of the Display is – Up Close and Personal

Due to their low speed and low energy the Gyro Display is cleared to fly 50m from the Crowd line at 100ft or less

Unlike a lot of display routines that Flash past the crowd at high speed, from a distance, the crowd never seeing pilot, we bring the display to the crowd line, we bring the pilot to the crowd line.

It all about displaying the aircraft’s capabilities, Displaying something Different, having Fun, Entertaining the Audience, putting a Smile on peoples faces, giving them something to go away with that they remember, something that makes them smile.

Flying along at 50m away from the Crowd line at 100ft, we’re Up Close, the pilot waving with both hands, the crowd waving back, taking a bow in the air with aircraft. The crowd being able to interact with the pilot, they can see him, relate to him. It’s Personal.

The Display Routine is about taking the Show to the crowd line. Most people remember James Bond 007 and ‘Little Nellie’ and when they see this display they can relate to that memory, its all about smiles.

The Display is a set sequence, but it is tailored to suit each event display line and the weather condition on the day. The routine is generally 7-8 mins in length, it’s a flat, non-aerobatic routine, designed to interact and please the crowd.

The Pilot is cleared for 30ft fly pasts, in a visibility a of 1km and cloud base of 200ft and 25kts Cross wind !!. Now not many displays can be flown in those conditions. This one can! We can be displaying when virtually everyone else is grounded!!

Insurance:- The aircraft carries £1.5m liability insurance with an underwriter rated as – A.M. Best rating of “A” (Excellent)

Image © Paul Johnson -

Image © Paul Johnson –


“Peter Davies and his Calidus autogyro offer a new dimension to the air display scene. The display, which is compact and very well flown, fully exploits the unique envelope of the Calidus. It is exciting and, due to the low speeds achievable, can operate on the 50M display line which gives the crowd a great view of the diminutive and futuristic machine. Whilst the display is probably best suited to the smaller and more intimate venues such as East Kirkby, I have used it very effectively at larger seafront displays including Blackpool. The Blackpool display area is normally between the Central and North Piers which often means that the ‘heavy metal’ is a long way offshore and distant from the bulk of the crowd. By contrast the Calidus happily waltzes up and down the 50M line between the piers restoring the crowd’s intimacy with the event. In summary , a versatile and different act to add to your display programme.”

Mike Wood

R5 Air Displays

I displayed my Fieseler Storch STOL aircraft at East Kirby this season and watched Peter Davies amazing Autogyro display from start to finish. It is unusual these days to see an autogyro display and Peter, in his latest generation machine, performed a series of manouvres that demonstrated its capabilities extremely well. Judging by the appreciation of the crowd as he landed ( and bearing in mind I couldn’t hear the applause following mine!) I have no doubt that he stole the show. I would urge any airshow organiser to book Peter for next season without delay in order to avoid disappointment.

Peter Holloway

Display Pilot, The Shuttleworth Collection

the display was excellent and really enjoyed by our clientele, who were seeing such a display for the first time in many years. The demonstration of ‘hands-free’ flying, and the different performance factors, where well shown by the pilot”

“From a commentator’s point of view the notes, so often inadequate from many display pilots, were excellent enabling me to give the audience good information on pilot and aircraft.

Ken Cothliff

Air Show Commentator

In today’s display environment, it often appears that the only items available are jets and warbirds which use acres of sky during their display. However, with Peter’s autogyro display you are reminded that there are other aircraft available which are just as interesting and exciting

An autogyro will perform manoeuvres that seem impossible to one used to conventional aircraft displays, Peter makes full use of this characteristic during his display and flies the full range available with panache and style. I look forward to watching Peter’s display again


Robb Metcalfe

Ex Head of General Aviation Inspectorate, Civil Aviation Authority

Peter Davies is a true “Barnstorming” type aerial artiste with the know-how and promotional skills that very few other pilots have yet attained. Peter handles and displays the Autogyro to the crowd/audiance delight and he has been a big-draw at the events and promotions that I have staged where he has bwwn one of the main attractions. He recently performed before a crowd of over 300, 000 people (over a two day show, police official estimated crowd attendance figures) in Northern Ireland. This was his 4th annual appearance at this event He is also the only Autogyro pilot in the world to be licensed to fy a photographer for crowd shots, within a air show programme and has full CAA permission to do so!

The Autogyro is a unique aircraft and so versatile that it can be used for a wide range of uses both as a “featured performer” and as a camera platform, similar to a helicopter but far more uses and manouverability. I can reccommend Peter Davies, Europe’s first “Aerial performer Equity Card Holder” for all types of events and roles. Totaly different and with all the special knowledge and skills, licences and documentation required to fill any aerial role. Be one of the first in Europe to feature the superb Autogyro in your production in front of or behind the camera.

Jeff Brownhut

Air Show Organiser & Founder , National Outdoor Events Association